Martha A. Centeno, PhD.developer_board Associate Dean for STEM Programs and Professor of Engineering / ABET Coordinator.


Come and get to know our talented faculty. With the highest percentage of full-time faculty of any university in Mexico (85%), our faculty bring their research and years of expertise into the classroom. Our faculty members have at least a Master's degree in their discipline and the majority (65%) have doctorates and conduct research. They also bring an international flavor to their instruction as many of them have studied or taught in several countries, including the United States, Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Japan, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. More than half of our faculty are from the United States and have many years of experience delivering an American-style education. Our Mexican faculty have studied at the best institutions in Mexico and abroad.

ABRIL SUÁREZ, PHD.developer_board Physics and Mathematics Professor
Ana Luisa Zepeda de Alba, BSc(Hons).developer_board Lab Assistant & SEMARNAT/PROFEPA Analyst
ANDRE POSSANI, PHD.developer_board Professor of Engineering
ANDRÉS CAVEZZA, M.SC.developer_board Professor of Engineering
Ashley Bowen MFA, PhDdeveloper_board Assistant Professor, English and Literature
BRENDA SERRANO, MA.developer_board Professor of Advertising and Visual Communication
CARLOS RAMIREZ, PHD.developer_board Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
CÉSAR IRIARTE, PHD.developer_board Professor of Economics
CID LEANA MORALES, PhD.developer_board Assistant Professor, Management
DAVID SPANGLER, MBA.developer_board Instructor Business Administration
DIANA DÍAZ, MA.developer_board Instructor, German
FERNANDO BELMONT, PHD.developer_board Assistant Professor of Chemistry
GERARDO VELÁZQUEZ, PHD.developer_board Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics
John M. Esposito, MAdeveloper_board Instructor, Linguistics and ESL
JORGE LUIS FIGUEROA, M.SC.developer_board Lab Director and Instructor
Kathryn Bonddeveloper_board Instructor, Strategic Communication
Kevin Daily, MAdeveloper_board Instructor, Communication
LESLIE CHERNILA, MA.developer_board Instructor, English and Literature
MANUEL SANTOS, PHDdeveloper_board Instructor of Chemistry
MARÍA DE LA SOLEDAD DEL RÍO, PHD.developer_board Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics
MARIANA BERNAL, M.SC.developer_board Professor of Introduction to Psychology
MICHELLE RODRÍGUEZ, M.SC.developer_board Director, Transitional University Studies
MONTSERRAT JUÁREZ, PHD.developer_board Associate Professor, Mathematics and Physics
NICOLÁS RAMOS-LARA, PHD.developer_board Assistant Professor, Biology
OMAR IRACHETA, PHD.developer_board Instructor, Engineering
RACHEL WILLIAMSON, MAdeveloper_board Director of General Education
RODRIGO MACHADOdeveloper_board Instructor, Math and Physics
ROGER MONTES, MCdeveloper_board Instructor, Engineering
Sidney Ornelasdeveloper_board Business, Communications and Marketing Professor
Tracy Sabrina, M.SCdeveloper_board Marketing and First Year Experience Business
TRENTON COLBERT, PHDdeveloper_board Professor of Biology and Biotechnology
Yuriria Pérez Viguerasdeveloper_board Instructor, Communication