Professor of Biology and Biotechnology

  • PhD, University of Washington
  • BA, Grinnell College

Teaching Specialties
  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Protein Engineering

Research Interests
  • Genetic Improvement of Crops
  • Development of New Food Sources
  • Nitrogen Use Efficency
  • Industrial Production of Resources in Plants
  • Automated Genetic Screening Techniques

  • American Chemical Society
  • Genetics Society of America

Dr. Trenton Colbert is a native on the Midwest in the USA growing up in St. Louis, Missouri. His childhood was filled with extensive immersion into nature and that has stuck with him in the form of increasing biological education. He graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a degree in Biology and proceeded to the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center where he worked in genetics and biochemistry, studying the basic mechanisms of transcriptional control, for a PhD. For approximately 14 years Dr. Colbert worked in the biotech industry in several areas of research, but the majority was work on genetic modification and improvement of agricultural and industrial crops. Dr. Colbert is named on several patents in the biotech and agricultural areas. His current research interest is in genetic characterization, modification, and improvement of sexual reproducing algae, especially in the area of improving the culturing and use of algae as a food for humans, livestock, or aquaculture.
Contact Information
Tel. 01419 6893054