Professor Fundamentals of Writing/Enhanced College Reading/Business Communication

  • MBA, Human Resources, Baker College Center for Graduate Studies, Flint, MI
  • BA, Business Administration, Management, Baker College, Flint, MI
  • TESOL, TEFL International

Teaching Specialties
  • Strategies in a Global Environment
  • Prospective Management
  • Presentation Speaking
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

Research Interests
  • International Recruitment
  • Leading 21st Century Organizations
  • Organizational Development

  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • American Management Association
  • Coral Restoration Foundation

When asking Professor Spangler “Where are you from?”, his response may be a myriad of answers. Which recent city, which country, his birthplace or where he did he grow up? Most importantly though, he is a recent graduate earning his degrees later in life, and relishes in passing this knowledge forward as dynamic as possible.

Prior to his college return, this Illinois farmboy gained extensive management and administrative experience in a wide variety of business fields while living in Texas. Among his many employs include healthcare, airline travel, retail, hospitality, construction, and food and beverage. But then his ardor for sunny beaches and ocean breezes brought him to the West Coast of Mexico in the 90’s to own and operate a design studio.

It wasn’t long when a scuba diving hobby in Mexico then turned into a Florida career when he became a certified instructor in Ft. Lauderdale. David has credentialled over 1200 divers at various levels, while at the same time filling the role as Resort Operations Director at the international teaching facility. He has been employed as a District Manager for a global retailer, as well as an Administrative Director for a biotechnical facility. He also spent nearly two years teaching English writing in Quanzhou, China, and is considered well-travelled across Europe and North America.

His keenness of Latin culture alongside his talent and ambition to teach, brought him back to Mexico in 2012. He imparts his professional, educational, and personal experiences into the university classroom, and enjoys teaching international business, managing across cultures, and leadership in the 21st century. When time allows, he still scuba dives, loves the occasional adventure travel, and pretends to be Master Chef. His current residence is in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and is where Professor Spangler calls home…for now.
Contact Information
Tel. 01419 6893054
Email: dspangler@astate.edu