John M. Esposito, MA

Lecturer of Linguistics and ESL/EFL

MA Linguistics San Diego State University 1998

Teaching Specialties
  • 26 years teaching Linguistics and ESL/EFL
  • 3 years as Sino-American Program Director in Qingdao, China

  • Research Interests
    • Formal and functional grammar theories
    • Literary translation
    • Indo-European languages

      • Affiliations

        John Esposito earned a Master´s degree in General-Theoretical Linguistics from San Diego State University, which is a campus of the California State University. He taught Linguistics and ESL at a number of Cal State locations, and also at UCLA and USC.

        After twenty years teaching in California, he moved to China for five years, where he taught a variety of subjects to high school students, and for three years served as the program director of the Sino-American program at Qingdao Number 9 High School, which is a highly-ranked school in Shandong Province of China.

        John has for many years had a strong interest in Mexican culture and the Romance languages, with considerable proficiency in French, Italian, and of course Spanish, as well as having interests in several other languages.
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