Full Time Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

  • PhD, Engineering, Warwick University
  • MSc, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Warwick University
  • BSc, Industrial Robotics, ESIME IPN

Teaching Specialties
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced Materials
  • Aerospace Materials

Research Interests
  • Composite Materials
  • Wind Energy generation
  • Ultrasound as means of NDI
  • Tribology

    • Affiliations
      Dr. Ramírez was part of ASME while working for BRP. He also held the status of Candidato a Investigador at the SNI when conducting research at the UAMI right after he finished his PhD. During his university time in the UK he was an active member of the British Wind Energy Association. He is currently registered as a reviewer for CONACyT, assessing the merits of research proposals aspiring for government funding.

      Prior to being part of the faculty of Engineering at Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro, Dr. Ramirez got teaching experience from the UK where he taught the Composites module for the MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the Warwick Manufacturing Group department. Further he co-led four MSc dissertations related to renewable energy along with his PhD supervisor.

      Most recently he has taught at Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Queretaro few engineering subjects, including but not limited to: Manufacturing Technologies, Advanced Materials, Aerospace Materials, etc. both for the MSc in Manufacturing and the BSc´s in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. Further, locally he led two MSc dissertations related to advanced materials, one for ITESM and one for CIATEQ.

      From the research context Dr. Ramirez has published six conference papers, two peer reviewed papers, two book chapters and one book. All his publications are related to renewables and composite materials. Furthermore, he is author of one patent related to shape memory composites and their application for wind turbine blades.

      He did work for few companies during the past 12 years ranging from aircraft manufacturing and recreational watercrafts production, to wind turbine blades maintenance and repair. He participated in the local Aerocluster leading the research and development chapter pursuing higher engagement for local companies, universities and research centers to work together sharing common goals.

      In his spare time, Dr. Ramirez enjoys spending time with his family, he has two young sons and he sure hopes one day both would become accomplished athletes and men of science.
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