Science graduates are involved in areas as diverse as Aeronautics, Biomechanics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Genetics, Hydroponics, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Power Generation and Robotics (depending in the area they specialize in).


A minor is a secondary area of specialized academic study usually consisting of 18-24 semester hours. Students may not minor in the same area as their major. Certain colleges provide the option of additional in-depth study beyond the major. Colleges may choose not to permit students to select a minor from within specific departments or colleges. For specific information regarding minors, students should speak with their advisors,

Students know that they need to declare a major, many of them do not realize the benefits of declaring college minors while at the university. Declaring a minor is a great way to take classes from a different department that will complement the degree that you earn or to take classes that interest you.

All students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.25 or a grade of at least a “C” for each course in the minor.



Personal interests: The biggest benefit of declaring a minor is it gives you the opportunity to study things that interest you on a personal level, even though those things may not relate to your future career.

Improve your future outlook: Choosing the right minor can improve your outlook, according to some studies, some college minors can give you a leg up on the competition and make your resume look better. It provides a strong understanding in different areas.

Broaden your skills: A minor in any other field than yours can help broaden your skills and learn that there are different ways to accomplish the same thing, in the real world you may find employers that want you to do things in different ways.

Become more diverse: You can learn the skills and develop the traits that employers actually look for in new workers.

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