In addition to building lasting friendships, student organizations provide many benefits including personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding and community service. Research suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate when compared with their non-involved peers. STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD (S.A.B)  


Student Organizations

ASUCQ Ambassadors

Purpose: Through this program, selected students will serve as campus host to leaders who participate in university functions. Student will also organize student activities and they will benefit from meeting extraordinary interesting people and further develop their interpersonal. 

Koinonia Christian Club

Purpose: Connecting every student with God and His purpose in our lives through Bible Study, encouraging fellowship between brothers and sisters in Christ, and spreading the Gospel in the A-State community. 

Business Leaders Association (BLA)

Business Leaders Club provides networking opportunities with Industry Leaders through the organization of events and conferences, as well as provide insight on career opportunities, discuss business cultures and policies in different parts of the world.


SGA strives to promote a greater understanding of student’s sense of community and improved cooperation with the faculty and administration. SGA works to ensure that the students realize their rights to influence academic policies on the university's campus

Student Activities Board

 (SAB) is responsible for coordinating events, programs and leadership opportunities that expand your college experience outside of the classroom. 

Red Wolves Ring

This Engineering club provides students the opportunity to apply knowledge through activities and tournaments.!!! 

Duathlon Club

This club encourages participation of the Red Wolves in the enjoyment of running and cycling. It strives to share preparation, training and coaching for running and cycling to promote health and fitness of the students. 


Purpose: Create a community which is more sensitive and conscious about environmental concerns. ECO ASUCQ want students to be involved in activities that tackle environmental issues and sensitize students in working for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of the campus and its surroundings. 

Circus Club

The club strives to raise student's awareness about the many benefits of the circus arts through performances and the teaching of circus skills. 

The Creative Writing Club

ASUCQ Creative Writing Club offers ASUCQ students interested in writing poetry, plays, songs, novels, etc., a positive and productive atmosphere for developing their skills and an opportunity to integrate, learn, and grow as a group.

Dance Wolves

This club encourages student participation in dance classes and events irrespective of the student's degree of talent. This club provides an opportunity to better the dancer in students through constant engagement and workshops.

Tennis Club

The club intends to encourage members to have fun playing tennis, socializing with peers and developing techniques. Everyone is welcome to come practice.

Genoma STEM Club (Chemistry & Engineering Club)

This Chemistry and Engineering club provides students the opportunity to apply knowledge through a variety of activities as well as improving students' academic performance through practice.

MUA Starters (Makeup club)

This makeup club gives students the opportunity to share their passion for makeup and learn new techniques and artistic skills.

Arts & Crafts Club

This club gives students techniques and exposure about Arts and Crafts by developing inventive, explorative and creative skills in students, which can help them pass their leisure time more effectively.

Cheerleading Club

This club focuses on learning and perfecting new stunts, as well as working on building the body for cheer with conditioning and challenges.

Basketball Club

This club gives students the necessary skills to perform successfully in basketball and life with an emphasis on sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.

Athena Sorority

A sisterhood created for women to empower themselves, feel free, be heard, deconstruct ideas, and reunite.

Howl for The Planet / ASUCQ Enactus HUB

This club is part of Enactus, an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

Self-Defense Club

This club offers several basic self-defense moves and techniques, develops teamwork, and provides an environment for learning new ideas.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club offers an opportunity to the community to create or enhance knowledge of the universe including, astronomical events, the celestial landscape, and participate in conferences that promote learning on astronomy.

ASUCQ also offers

Taekwondo Academy (extra fees)

Representative Teams (Rugby, Soccer, Flag football)