In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arkansas State University is allowing students the ability to request a change of grade at the end of the semester to a Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) score.



Here is the process that students will be required to follow:


1.     Faculty/Instructors will assign letter grades at the end of the academic term as per standard grading procedures.

2.     Students will be able to view their grades on their academic transcript before being able to make the decision to keep or request a change to CR or NC.

3.     Students will file a request to the Registrar’s Office for a change of grade for each course where applicable

4.     Students MUST submit a request for each class they wish to change from a letter grade to CR/NC.

5.     A Grade of CR/NC WILL NOT affect a student’s overall GPA.



·      Graduating students must submit a change of grade request within 2 weeks after all grades are posted.

·      All other students must submit a change of grade request prior to the First Day of Class for the upcoming Fall 2020 term.


Full details on this process can be found here: