Admission Requirements 

Students enrolled in A-State CQ will receive a degree that is valid in Mexico and the United States. To fulfill the accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accreditation body in the United States, A-State CQ offers the same accredited curriculum with additional requirements that comply with Mexico's educational standards.


Resident Students

Each resident student will need to provide the following information:

  • Accredited High School Certificate

  • English Proficiency Certification (for non-English speaking countries)

  • Application fee receipt ($1800.00 MXN)

  • Health insurance

  • Apply online at Apply Now


International Students

Each international student will need to provide the following information:

  • High School/Secondary School Transcript and Diploma

  • English Proficiency Certification

  • Application fee receipt ($1800.00 MXN)

  • Health insurance provided by A-State CQ

  • Copy of Passport

  • Official Documents Signature Page

  • Apply online at Apply Now

Other considerations for international students

You can get to know our campus by taking our Virtual Tour, or schedule a meeting for a guided virtual tour.

A-State CQ provides quality education at an affordable cost. You can check the tuition fees and housing options here.

Scholarships information available here.

Before coming to Mexico, make sure you comply with all the requirements the Mexican Immigration authorities require for international students. Here are some useful links:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (INM) 

  • Official information on COVID19

We welcome you to learn more about Querétaro, the state in México in which our A-State Campus is located.

Student Temporary Resident Visa

Applicable to foreign persons who intend to enter Mexico as a temporary student resident. All students regardless of their nationality when they are going to remain in Mexico for a temporary time of more than 180 days require obtaining this visa.


  • Present a valid passport or ID and travel document.

  • A photograph.

  • Be nationals of the country in which they apply for a visa or prove legal stay.

  • Submit documents proving the information through a letter of acceptance to the national educational system institution with the complete data of the applicant, institution, and course.

The letter of acceptance must include the following: 

1. Economic solvency to cover maintenance and tuition costs.

Solvency may be accredited by the interested party, by his parents or by the person exercising parental authority or guardianship, provided that they are not        over 25 years of age, or with a letter from the educational institution proving that he has been a recipient of a scholarship or document of a bank or financial 

Original and copy of documents proving that you have employment, pension or scholarship with monthly income free of levies greater than the equivalent of one hundred days of the general minimum wage in force in the Federal District, during the last three months, or

Original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts with an average monthly balance equivalent to one thousand days of general minimum wage in force in the Federal District, during the last three months

2. In the case of foreigners traveling in a family company

The link between applicants shall be established and financial solvency verified for the maintenance of the relative of the Temporary Resident Student; relatives will be documented with a temporary residence visa and not with a student temporary residence visa.

Additional proof of investments or bank accounts with an average monthly balance equal to one hundred days of general minimum wage in effect in the Federal District during the last 12 months.

Documents showing that you have employment, pension,or scholarship with additional free monthly income equivalent to or greater than one hundred days of general minimum wage in force in the Federal District for the past 6 months.

Under the protection of an international legal instrument for the mobility of persons.

  • Cover the payment of corresponding rights

The payment must be in the form and amount indicated by the Federal Rights Act. 

The foreigner who has the status of temporary resident students can request the National Migration Institute authorization to perform paid activities in national territory.

Note: The student temporary residence card that proves your legal stay and allows you to remain in national territory must be processed within the next 30 calendar days from your entry into the national territory.

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