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Transfer your credits

If you are not sure you´re studying in the right place, explore your options and plan your future with us! Build a solid professional future with the credit transfer options that ASUCQ offers you for courses already taken at another university. Finish your Bachelor's degree without wasting time.

Start your Transfer process today.


  • 1. Degree plan with simple translation into English (of all subjects taken)
  • 2. Academic record in Spanish and a simple English translation
  • 3. Original partial certificate
  • 4. The original partial certificate must be sent to Jonesboro by postal service.
    • a. If the original partial certificate does not contain a QR code or some other means to validate its authenticity, Jonesboro may request permission to call the campus in Mexico to validate it.
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What makes the ASU experience unique?

General Education

The goal of General Education is to provide background and core skills which will help you in your specialty. You will learn critical thinking skills that will help you solve problems. These skills can then be carried over into your specialized professional coursework.

Declaring a minor to broaden your skills

Declaring a minor is a great way to improve your future outlook and broaden your skills in any other field outside your degree interest.

Which minors can you choose?We recommend a path that aligns with your graduation plans and aspirations. ASUCQ offers you the way to achieve this via the following minors:

Global Supply Chain Management

General Business



* These minors are not the final offer, check with your advisor what other minors you can add to your resume.

Recognition in US & Mx

In Mexico our study plan is endorsed by the SEP (Secretaría de Educación Pública) and in the US by HLC (Higher Learning Commission).

Living Learning Community

Our diverse and multicultural on-campus living environment shapes the next generation of thinkers who strive to drive and promote positive change on professional, personal, and global scales.