Living on Campus is Important 

Residence Life provides a safe, diverse, and well-maintained environment that complements and supports the academic mission of the University. We create a dynamic living/learning experience that promotes and inspires individuals to become empowered community members. 

These somewhat surprising statements have been documented in several independent studies conducted by professional educators over the past few years. We offer a residence hall system with a sound academic and social atmosphere. Each residence hall provides facilities to satisfy the daily needs of our students. 

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Your Home on Campus

We have four university residences, each one with a capacity for 250 students for a total of one thousand residents. Each room is furnished with two twin-size beds, two desks, two chairs, two dressers, wide closets and a bathroom. Students can rearrange the furniture in their rooms to give them a personal style and to have more open space in the room. 

Each hall offers a main lobby featured with a large screen television, a vending machine, and recreational games, such as table tennis and foosball. Residents have access to comfortable lounges, a central kitchen space with microwaves, water dispensers, study rooms and a laundry room. 

Residence halls are conveniently located next to the swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, tracks and fields. If students are craving a BBQ or cookout, they can do so with their friends on the outdoor grills, located between Scarlet and Howl halls. 

 The three occupied halls host the students as follows: first-year female students live in Scarlet Hall, first-year male students live in Howl Hall, and upper-class students live in the Red Wolves Hall. 

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Recreational Activities

Our campus provides activities and programs to enhance students’ educational experience, quality of life and overall enjoyment. Students will have the opportunity to develop soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. They will experience socio-cultural and recreational activities through community service groups and student associations. The Recreational Center also provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate in physical and athletic activities during their leisure time, all within a safe and structured environment. 

Hall Services

Front Desk

Each residence hall has a front desk located in the main lobby. The desk is available five days a week during the academic terms. Scholars provide the services as Desk Attendants. 


Packages sent to residents are received at the University’s main entrance. If a package comes for you, you can find it at the Scarlet Hall’s office. 


Each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities. 


Storage is available for students ONLY at the end of the academic terms. We recommend taking any valuable items with you and only leave large items, such as: TV’s, refrigerators and bicycles on campus 


Security personnel is available 24 hour/7 days a week on all campus areas and at the residence. All campus areas are equipped with CCTV (closed circuit tv) to ensure your safety. 

Bike Stands

Outside bicycle racks may be used by residents to secure their bicycles. It’s recommended that residents bring bicycle locks to keep their bike safe as Residence Life is not responsible for any lost property or damage that could occur. Residents may not keep bicycles, scooters, mopeds or motorcycles inside or around the entrance areas of A-State Housing 

Outdoor BBQ Grills

Outdoor barbeque grills adjacent to Scarlet and Howl Halls may be used only by residents.

Study Halls

Study Halls are available for students from 8 am to 1 am (schedules may differ on mid-term and finals season). Students must register and leave their ID at the Front Desk. 


Internet is available for all residents. Each student can access the internet through our campus wireless connection or through Ethernet (wired connection) if solicited.

* In case of not living on campus, students must notify the Residence Adminstration. Freshmen are required to live on campus during their first year. Contact our recruitment team for further information.