Prior to being part of the faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro, Velázquez Rodríguez was a postdoctoral fellow in the physics department of CINVESTAV Zacatenco. He also was a faculty member of the biophysics department at ENCB-IPN, where he taught Calculus and Introduction to Statistics.

He has published 2 articles in Physical Review D. The first article is about residual symmetries of the gravitational field, the second is about the study of gravitational waves in bigravity.

He is engaged to Dr. María Montserrat Juárez Aubry. With her, he shares a taste for anime, reading and food. In his spare time, Velázquez Rodríguez loves to read, play video games and swim. 


PhD, Physics, CINVESTAV 

BSc, Physics and Mathematics, ESFM-IPN 

Teaching specialties


Introduction to Statistics 


Research interests

Symmetries of General Relativity 

Modified theories of General Relativity 

Mathematical Methods of Physics 


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