Prior to being part of the faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro, Suárez Ramírez was working as an invited researcher in the physics department of CINVESTAV Zacatenco. She also carried out a 2 year postdoctoral stay in the theoretical physics department at Paul Sabatier University Toulouse, France. She has also been a full time faculty member of the aeronautical engineering department at the UPMH, where she taught Linear Algebra, Calculus, Electromagnetism, Theory of Elasticity and Thermodynamics.

As a theoretical physicist, she has published 12 articles in different high impact journals in the area of cosmology and 2 chapters in books. Her main interest of research is to know the nature of the dark matter and dark energy in the universe and the formation of structures (cluster of galaxies and galaxies). She has been appointed as a member of the National System of Researchers (2014-2021) and is a member of the Mexican Advanced Institute of Cosmology (IAC) and the Dark Phi Group (Network created for the study of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Scalar Field Candidates). Dr. Suárez has been an invited seminar speaker in EU at Harvard’s University Smithsonian-Center for Astrophysics and the Physics Institute UNAM in Mexico among many others. 

Apart for her passion in science, she loves dancing and traveling around the world. In her free time, Suárez Ramírez enjoys listening to music while reading, anime drawing, playing video games and to do sports in general. 


PhD, Physics, CINVESTAV 

MSc, Physics, CINVESTAV 

BSC, Physics, UAM-I 

Teaching specialties

Linear Algebra 



Research interests


Dark Matter and Dark Energy 

Structure Formation 

Modified Theories of Gravity


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