Prior to joining Arkansas State University—CQ, Dr. Rios has been a professor for 7 years already in different areas of chemistry. His aim is always to let students be able to gain new perspectives and ideas by presenting the historical process of Chemistry so they can understand how science is made.  

His area of research is chemical extraction where he has published research in peer review journals and, especially, the use of Ionic Liquids as new kinds of solvents. But, given his teaching background, he’s always happy to learn about different scientific topics and looking for the opportunity to understand more about the nuclear process.   


He has a deep passion for Western History and Philosophy and he is an avid reader, always ready to discuss and share about them with others. 


  • Ph.D., Analytical and Physical Chemistry, University Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris 

  • Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, University of Guanajuato 

  • M. Sci., Analytical Chemistry, University of Guanajuato 

  • Specialist, Analytical Instrumentation, Autonomous University of Queretaro 

  • B.A., Metallurgical Chemical Engineer, Autonomous University of Queretaro

Teaching specialties

Analytical Chemistry 

Analytical Instrumentation 

General Chemistry 

Physical Chemistry 

Inorganic Chemistry 

Philosophy of Science

Research interests


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