Juan Pablo Orozco completed his studies in mechatronics engineering and a master's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Guanajuato, obtaining the grades in 2010 and 2014 respectively. In 2021 he obtained the degree of Ph.D. in Science and Technology at the federal research center CIDESI, specializing in the design and development of mechanical systems. 


From 2012 to 2015, Dr. Orozco was an associate professor at the University of Guanajuato and the Technological Institute ITESI. Juan Orozco has participated as an external specialist in important projects such as the Mexican Wind Machine (MEM) and CIGOM (Gulf of Mexico Research Consortium) through the Federal Research Centers CIATEQ and CIDESI, respectively. He is currently a professor in the Arkansas University Campus Queretaro and continues to collaborate as an external specialist in the CIGOM Consortium in the line of underwater gliders. He has published various technical-scientific papers in indexed journals and forums of international recognition. His main lines of research are underwater robotics and the design of complex mechanical-mechatronic systems. The main application fields are underwater glider technology and ROVs tooling development.


  • Ph.D., in Science and Technology - CIDESI 

  • M.E., Mechanical Engineer - DICIS, University of Guanajuato 

  • B.E. , Mechatronic Engineering - DICIS, University of Guanajuato

Teaching specialties

Mechanic and Mechatronic Engineering 

Geometric and Dimension Tolerances (GD&T) in mechanical drawings 

Computer Aid Design (CAD) 

Finite Element Method Analysis (FEM) 

Design and development of products (DFMEA, Core tools, design of experiments) 

Additive manufacturing with FDM 

Research interests


CIGOM. Gulf of Mexico Research Consortium, CONACYT. Specialist in Subsea Robotics

Contact information