Prior to joining the Engineering faculty at Arkansas State University campus Queretaro, Dr.  Hernandez-Silva worked as an engineer for twelve years at General Electric Co. and Intel Corp. His main area of expertise is numerical modeling of thermal systems.  His academic research includes three peer-review papers, all of them about numerical modeling of electrically conducting fluids under the influence of magnetic fields i.e., the Magnetohydrodynamics equations.

He enjoys going to museums and “Magic Towns” with his fiancé. He is also starting to practice astronomy as a hobby.



·       Ph.D., Computational Mechanics, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

·       M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro

·       B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya

Teaching specialties


Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer

Numerical Methods

Research interests

Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

Cooling of Electronics Devices



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