Dr. Miguelena was born in Mexico City and grew up in Puebla and Veracruz. His interest in Biology developed during his high school years when he was a gold medalist in the National Biology Olympics. As an undergraduate student, he helped direct the creation of a local botanical collection by a student association. He also completed his first formal research project studying the diversity of ants affected by disturbance and misguided reforestation efforts in a state park.

As a PhD student, he joined the Urban Entomology Lab at the University of Arizona. There, he collaborated in research projects considering the management of urban pests such as termites, ants, and cockroaches. He also developed his own research dealing with the diversity of ants in urban habitats in Tucson, AZ and with the behavior of an exotic ant species. During this time, he also taught introductory biology labs and was active in a variety of outreach efforts. His most significant contributions include his participation in the Insect Discovery Program (a program that uses live and preserved insect to complement elementary school learning) and in the organization of the Arizona Insect Festival.

After getting his PhD, Dr. Miguelena joined the Biology Faculty at Miami University in Ohio.There, he was part of a hybrid online Master’s program. He taught online classes on a variety of subjects related to biodiversity and conservation, as well as field courses in Peru and Costa Rica. After returning to Mexico, he joined the faculty of Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro in the Fall of 2019.

In his spare time, Dr. Miguelena enjoys reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts, working out, and appreciating nature outdoors.


PhD, Entomology, University of Arizona

BSc, Biology, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla

Teaching specialties

Biology Laboratories

Biology of Plants



Wildlife Management

Research interests

Urban Ecology and Biodiversity

Integrated Pest Management

Community Ecology

Diversity, Ecology, and Behavior of Ants


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