Prior to joining the Science Faculty at Arkansas State University-CQ, Jesús López, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Autonomous University of Madrid, working in the theory research group of Professor Fernando Martín.  During his time in Madrid, he was involved in the theoretical study of ultrafast ionization dynamics of small molecular systems. He obtained his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, where he worked under the direction of Professor Robert R. Lucchese in the theoretical study of photoionization and scattering phenomena in chemical relevant molecular systems, developing mathematical models and computational tools suited for these types of studies.  

He is very interested in developing new theoretical models to allow for the study of coupled ro-vibrational dynamics in electron-molecule collisions and related processes in the ionization continuum.  Professor López has taught a variety of courses within his field of expertise at different higher education institutions in the USA, Spain, and Mexico.  

He has published several research papers in the field of atomic and molecular physics and is very interested in teaching science courses for both specialized and general audiences.   

Besides his scientific pursues, Jesús López enjoys woodworking and leather crafting, he is also involved in harpsichord building and enjoys studying old keyboard instruments, reading, hiking, and many other indoors and outdoors activities.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2019, Autonomous University of Madrid 

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, 2015, Texas A&M University 

  • B.Sc., Chemistry, 2006, Autonomous University of Querétaro

Teaching specialties

Physical Chemistry 

Group Theory 

Inorganic Chemistry 

Quantum Chemistry & Physics 

Mathematical Methods

Research interests


American Physical Society

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