During the last 10 years Dr. Fernando Belmont Bernal have been a scholar in different areas of chemical research, ranging from the remediation of soils contaminated with mercury, up to the synthesis of antioxidants with novel biological activity. While his area of expertise is diverse, organic synthesis has been at the center of his professional and academic development throughout this time. In this sense, he has been interested in applying his knowledge to multidisciplinary purposes which cover areas such as environmental, analytical and medicinal chemistry. These academic activities include efforts in remediation protocols for contaminated mercury soils, the structural modification to avoid undesired secondary effects with drugs such as Sibutramine and enhance the biological activity of natural molecules with pharmacological interest such as Curcumin by the application of well-defined structural polymers. During his doctoral studies, the results on the research topic related to Curcumin were broadened, involving a strong background in organic synthesis, as well as the application of Macromolecular Therapy models, particularly the use of those macromolecules known as dendrimers. His also reliable in the application of the analytical techniques such as 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, FT-IR, electronic impact, FAB+ and UV-Vis spectroscopy, among others., This area of study has involved him in the interaction with experts in the analytic area of Cyclic Voltamperometry, which has brought him closer to other disciplines of analysis.

Regarding biological applications, he has been able to collaborate with the study of rat C6 glioblastoma cells in vitro assays, used to determine novel anticancer activity as well as protecting capability of brain cells (synaptosomes). Trying to diversify his areas of research, recently he has been involved in a project diametrically opposed to the above, which has to do with magnetic nanoparticles, synthesized by coprecipitation, with the goal of use these materials in hyperthermia therapies against cancer cells. As a whole, and with great satisfaction Dr. Fernando Belmont Bernal has collaborated in several projects which have granted him the sufficient training and discipline to develop Applied Chemistry in a variety of projects which have been delivered as success results. 


PhD, Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales - UNAM 

MA, Facultad de Química - UNAM 

BA, Facultad de Química - UNAM 

Teaching specialties

Research Methods 

Critical Thinking 

Deconstruction of Understanding 

Active Discussion 

Research interests

Organic Methodological Synthesis 

Antioxidant Capacity of Curcuminoids 


Macromolecular Therapy 

Magnetic Nanoparticles 

Environmental Chemistry 


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