Prior to joining the STEM faculty at Arkansas State University—CQ,  Angelica was working in different schools in Queretaro teaching chemistry, Biology and scientific English at Universidad del Valle de México and Biology, and Investigation Methodology at the high School level. At the same time she was participating in different multidisciplinary research projects at the Neurobiology Institute and CFATA research center at UNAM, Juriquilla as a research collaborator in projects that involved mindfulness and stress control and optical tweezers for trapping bioparticles for future applications in neurodegenerative disorders. During her Master´s Angelica worked in cellular neurophysiology using several techniques in the fields of molecular biology, cellular biology and electrophysiology.


She has participated in several training courses abroad and has won travel grants to attend those courses. She has been invited to give some talks in her field of expertise in universities in México and Colombia.


Apart from her academic experience, Angelica has also worked for the pharmaceutical industry at MSD in the pharmacovigilance division  as an Associate Data Coordinator in the vaccines, diabetes and cancer franchises.  

Angelica loves nature and spends her free time with her husband helping dogs from the streets. She loves cooking vegetarian food, dancing and running. She is a marathon runner amateur. One of her dreams is to visit many countries running marathons
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·         M. Sc., Neurobiology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Juriquilla

·         B.S. Biology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

·         Online specializations in Neurobiology and Academic English

Teaching specialties

Cellular and Molecular Biology


General Chemistry

Research interests

Research interests

Mental disorders (specifically depression) Pharmacology for mental disorders

Science outreach




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