Learning at ASU begins in the classroom, but it almost always leads into laboratories or to stages, galleries and off-campus job internships and co-ops that expose students to real-world challenges and experiences. At ASUCQ, we know that our faculty members are essential to educate leaders and not just train professionals. Our highly qualified teachers are the key element that contributes to enhance the learning experience of our students and lead them to successful professional lives. 

Acosta, María Angélica. Masters Clinical Faculty, Biology
Aguilar González, Rafael PhD
Amy Schumacher-Rutherford PhD Clinical Faculty in Communication
Belmont, Fernando. PhD Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Bernal, Mariana. Masters Clinical Faculty, Psychology
Bond, Kathryn. Masters Director of Liberal Arts and Communication
Brenda Soto Part time Professor of Business
Camacho Durán, Paola Masters Professor of Chemistry and Analytical Instrumentation 
Catti, Federica. PHD Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Cavezza, Andrés. Masters Clinical Faculty, Engineering
Centeno, Martha A. PhD Assistant Vice Rector and Associate Dean for STEM Programs and Professor of Engineering/ABET Coordinator
del Río, María de la Soledad. PHD Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics
Díaz, Diana. Masters  Instructor, German
Esparza Rodríguez, Saúl Alfonso PhD Assistant Professor of Management 
Figueroa, Jorge. Masters Lab Director and Instructor, Mathematics
Flores Sigg, Santiago PhD Clinical Faculty, Linguistics
Gachon, Carmen. Masters Clinical Faculty, French
Garcia Ariza, Miguel PhD Bio Prof
González González, Harlen Denise Masters Clinical Faculty, Marketing
González, Bárbara. Masters Instructor, Biotechnology
Iracheta, Omar. PhD Engineering Faculty
Iriarte, Cesar Gustavo. PhD Director of Business Programs
Juarez Aubry, Maria Montserrat. PhD Associate Professor, Mathematics and Physics
Kopetz , Herbert Seiter PhD Professor of Business Administration, Marketing and Communication
Leana Morales, Cid. PhD
López Domínguez, Jesús Alberto PhD Clinical Professor of Chemistry
Lozano Arroyo, Blanca Elena Masters Finance Professor
Martínez Contreras, Luis Angel Masters Full Time Faculty of Engineering 
Mendoza Sosa, Gerardo Alan Masters Professor of English 
Miguelena, Javier. PhD Biology Faculty
Morales Hernández, Selma Guadalupe Masters Assistant Professor of English 
Nencheva , Violena Hubenova PhD Assistant Professor of English
Nicolás Ramos-Lara PhD Professor of Biology
Noel Hernandez-Silva, PhD Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Orozco Muñiz, Juan Pablo PhD Engineering Professor
Oseguera Toledo, Miguel Eduardo Phd Clinical Faculty, Chemistry
Pérez Zamorano, Bernardo PhD Assistant Professor of Biotechnology
Pérez, Yuriria. Masters Instructor, Communication
Petriz Reyes, Adriana PhD Clinical Faculty, Biology
Porta García, Miguel Ángel PhD Professor of Engineering 
Possani, Andre. PhD Director of Engineering
Ramirez, Carlos. PhD Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Ríos Vera, Rafael Manuel PhD Professor of Chemistry
Rodríguez , Michelle Iris PhD Director, Transitional University Studies Department, Professor of English Transitions
Rodríguez Arias, Nadyra PhD Assistant Professor of Economics
Ruelas Romo, Luis Masters Professor of Art and Music 
Saldaña Guevara, Arturo Masters Marketing & Advertising Part-Time Professor
Salvador , Liliana Guadalupe Masters Clinical Faculty, Mathematics
Santos, Manuel. PhD Instructor of Chemistry
Serrano, Brenda. Masters Professor of Advertising and Visual Communication
Sivakumaran, Thilla. PHD ASUCQ Vice Rector
Spangler, David. Masters Instructor Business Administration
Strong Zuñiga, Karen Alexandra Masters Assistant Professor of Communication
Suarez Ramirez, Abril. PhD Physics and Mathematics Professor
Temoltzin Espejel, Maria Leticia PhD Professor of Composition II 
Urias Espinoza, Cristina PhD Assistant Professor of History
Velazquez, Gerardo. PhD Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics
Washam, Jim. PhD
Weil, David. Masters Marketing Teacher