Students enrolled in A-State CQ will receive a degree that is valid in Mexico and the United States. To fulfill the accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accreditation body in the United States, A-State CQ offers the same accredited curriculum with additional requirements that comply with Mexico's educational standards.

Degrees offered

About Minors

A minor is a secondary area of specialized academic study usually consisting of 18-24 semester hours. Students may not minor in the same area as their major. Certain colleges provide the option of additional in-depth study beyond the major. Colleges may choose not to permit students to select a minor from within specific departments or colleges. For specific information regarding minors, students should speak with their advisors.

While students know that they need to declare a major, many of them do not realize the benefits of declaring college minors while at the university. Declaring a minor is a great way to take classes from a different department that will complement the degree that you earn or to take classes that interest you.

ASTATE Admission criteria

Admission Criteria

  1. Accredited high school certificate
  2. High school or college transcript
  3. English Proficiency Certificate
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The mission of the Student Success Center (SSC) is to offer opportunities for students to achieve academic goals, develop as reflective learners, experience peer-facilitated learning, and lead their peers through academic accomplishments.

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ASTATE Transitional University Studies


Transitional University Studies is a department that specializes in providing students with the necessary skills for a university education. One of the most important principles is taking students from a teacher facilitated style of learning to a more autonomous, independent and student led style of education. The program lays the foundation for EFL students to build and develop university entry-level oral and written English communication. The students in programs offered by the department.  

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Campus Life

Step onto our globally connected campus, and you can sense the excitement... a world of new connections, relationships and endless possibilities unfolding right before your eyes.

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ASTATE Campus Life