Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro has different links with companies such as Siemens, General Motors Mexico, Internlatin and Weldmation of Mexico which allows students to perform professional internships and in turn understand the labor force while still studying. 


In addition, ASUCQ students are members of the Siemens American community where more than 140,000 business customers worldwide look for talented students. 


Siemens and GMM hold public events within the facilities of A-State Campus Querétaro, with the aim of boosting the studentscuriosity in the industry. All while providing students and teachers access to relevant resources related to the digital industry. 


These types of partnerships give the A-State CQ student community the opportunity to listen to expert talks from individuals working at Siemens and General Motors Mexico. Talks cover topics such as new trends in the digital industry 


A-State Campus Querétaro has an advanced and collaborative engineering laboratory with 16 workstations, mainly aimed at projects within the machinery industry. Students can make use of state-of-the-art technology such as parametric design and modeling. This laboratory has different softwares with different purposes. The software available for use include Solid Edge, Tecnomatix, Teamcenter and NX. The latter was validated by the Engineering area of General Motos Company and is used by Mexican engineers at the Regional Engineering Center in Toluca to produce automotive components. 


This type of linkage not only contributes to studentsprofessional training but also gives them a competitive advantage. These experiences give them tools that are used every day in the digital industry, promoting students the mastery of the skills needed in today's work environment.