Tutoring Services

All our students are welcome to receive tutoring either by appointment or by coming to the Student Success Center during normal hours of operation. Carefully selected student tutors and ASUCQ Professors are available to help in a variety of topics such as chemistry, physics, math, engineering, or any class offered on our campus; however, housed within the Student Success Center we have specialized tutors in the Math and Communication Centers available to help students achieve their long-term goals. There is no limit to how often or how long students may receive tutoring, but the Student Success Center advocates for students to use these services as often as wanted and to set up reoccurring appointments if they know they need ongoing assistance.  


Advising and Counseling Services

Advising and counseling sessions are provided by the Student Success Center Director and Coordinator, it covers a wide variety of topics such as cover letters for internship applications, how to get the most out of ASUCQ’s living-learning community, or counseling for personal problems that may be affecting students’ academic success or wellbeing. Students may access these services by previously scheduling an appointment or by dropping in.


Contact information: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm / Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

Email:  eperez@astate.edu.mx 

ASTATE Student Success Center


The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a specialized part of the Student Success Center that gives students one on one help in areas such as grammar, content, format, style, and research. Whether students want help getting started on a project, having a completed essay that needs review, or just wanting to strengthen their English skills, the Writing Center is prepared to help with any goal or project. Students may schedule an appointment or drop in to see either one of our faculty tutors or our trained student tutors. Tutor schedules are posted outside the center for students’ convenience.

Career Services

Assistance with resumes, CVs, cover letters, and applications are provided to students by appointment or through one of the many workshops offered each semester. These workshops also help students prepare for interviews by engaging in mock interview sessions with trained professionals who give constructive feedback. Students may also receive assistance in finding appropriate internships or volunteer opportunities to help them develop as professionals in their fields. 

Disability Services

Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of the Student Success Center if they have received a medical diagnosis that permits them considerations such as proctored testing, additional testing time, assistance taking notes, etc. Additionally, students may receive referrals to the campus doctor and/or psychologist from Disability Services if they believe they have a physical, mental, or emotional condition which may grant them academic or residential accommodations. 


In accordance with United States laws governing higher education, ASUCQ adheres to Title IX regulations which protect all students, faculty, staff, and visitors from “being excluded from participating in, being denied the benefits of, or being subjected to discrimination” based on gender or sexual identity. If any member of the ASUCQ body feels such circumstances have taken place to them or to someone else, they should report the situation to the Title IX Coordinator whose office can be found in the Student Success Center. 

Special Events and Workshops

The Student Success Center provides multiple workshops throughout the year to help educate and encourage students on both academic and personal issues. A calendar of these workshops with a signup sheet can be found in the office of the Student Success Center Coordinator or Director. Throughout the semester, special events are hosted or co-sponsored by the Student Success Center to support student life on campus and to promote academic resources