John Esposito earned a Master´s degree in General-Theoretical Linguistics from San Diego State University, which is a campus of the California State University. He taught Linguistics and ESL at a number of Cal State locations, and also at UCLA and USC.

After twenty years teaching in California, he moved to China for five years, where he taught a variety of subjects to high school students, and for three years served as the program director of the Sino-American program at Qingdao Number 9 High School, which is a highly-ranked school in Shandong Province of China.

John has for many years had a strong interest in Mexican culture and the Romance languages, with considerable proficiency in French, Italian, and of course Spanish, as well as having interests in several other languages. 


MA Linguistics San Diego State University 1998.

Teaching specialties

26 years teaching Linguistics and ESL/EFL 

3 years as Sino-American Program Director in Qingdao, China 

Research interests

Formal and functional grammar theories 

Literary translation 

Indo-European languages


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