I am a biologist from National University of Colombia. After my undergraduate studies I had the possibility of working for the industrial field at MSD in the pharmacovigilance department specifically in the vaccines, diabetes and cancer franchises.

After the industrial experience I went back to academy to continue with my education at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I worked at the cellular neurophysiology laboratory working on molecular biology and electrophysiology. Then I went to the Applied physics and Advance Technology Center at the same institution for a fellowship. After that I had the opportunity to teach general chemistry and biology at different levels and I discovered my deep passion for teaching.

I was born and raised in Bogota. I had the chance to live in the United States and England for a couple of years. In the latter I worked as a volunteer with people who suffer from epilepsy with CSV (Community Service Volunteers). After those experiences I decided to do my master’s in Mexico and late I took the decision to live here.

I am planning to do my PhD in mental disorders, specifically depression. I want to combine research and teaching to improve the methods for a dynamic way of teaching and make students feel confident and emotional healthy.

In the personal aspect I can say that I like to rescue dogs from the street and change their lives. I love running and participate in half marathon races and spend time with my loved ones.


M.Sc Neurobiology Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

BS Biology Universidad Nacional de Colombia

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Research interests

Research interests

Mental disorders (specifically depression) Pharmacology for mental disorders

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